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A portrait of Brooke Sakharia, yoga instructor.

Hi, I'm Brooke Sakharia

I've been practicing yoga for fourteen years, and the last seven years of teaching have brought me joy and happiness when I see people’s lives change. I founded Modern Yoga Colorado to watch my students awaken their own energy and inspire everyone around them, including myself, to live our best lives.
I have a background in healthcare and have lived the corporate life. I left that behind to teach others about their own strength and to think critically about how we can feel free and light in our bodies, minds and spirits. I am passionate about teaching sustainable movement so that we can all have a chance to feel our best and live long and healthy lives.

I offer group classes every day of the week, private mobility sessions, and myofascial releases. 

Have questions about your practice, or ready to arrange a private session? 

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